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As Rodney Miller brutally trains for the NAS Strongman, I have set my sights on the Texas State Championships in Austin, TX at the end of March. This is a class 1 and class 2 qualifier meet, I have a class 1 total and taking this title would qualify me for the IPL Worlds in Las Vegas at the end of July. There will be some tough competitors at this meet, it will be tough, but I like tough; what is the point in competing if there is no competition? I am also excited to take my lifts to the next level, I am 100 lbs away from achieving Elite status within my division, setting this would be a goal that I have been looking forward since embarking on this journey.

“Greatness is a series of small accomplishments done well.”


Next contest is on the horizon. NAS Strongman is coming to Houston January 25th and I will be there. Strongman is big in Texas, and for good cause we have a huge talent pool. It’s going to be a tough show but if you aren’t will to compete with the best then what’s the point. I don’t have all the details yet but I will be entering the lightest weight class and doing my best to finish top 5. I’ve got the equipment and the time all that is left is to put in the work. Follow along with my training log as I prepare to go against the best in Texas!

——————————————————————————————————————–I was using this as a training blog but from now on this will be the home of all things S.L.B. Performance. I will be posting articles, videos, and news from the fitness world.

First up is that Team S.L.B. scored two first place finishes at the USPA Ross Shreves Classic powerlifting meet. Vitor took the win in the 181lb Junior Class and set the State records for his class. His lifts included a 435 squat, 308 bench, and 518lb deadlift for a 1261 total. I placed first in the 220lb Classic Raw Open class. My best lifts were a 440 squat, 314 bench, and 518 deadlift giving me a 1272lb total. Vitor has added 176lbs to the big three since he started working with me. I was able to add 17lbs to my total despite suffering two muscle tears in my right leg this year.

We are currently gearing up for another USPA meet sometime in early February. S.L.B. has added our first female powerlifter to the mix. Bree is starting out with some impressive lifts. 175lb squat, 105 bench, and 245 deadlift. I look forward to her making a lot of progress between now and the meet.

My own goals are for the remainder of the year is to drop some excess body weight to put me in reach of the 175lb strongman class. I have about 13lbs to lose but am taking a slow and measured approach as to minimize strength loss. I’ll be using a Cube Method approach with a lot of focus on overhead and carry events. As of now I won’t have a strongman contest until April so now is the time to put in the work on the things I suck at.

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